Monday, December 21, 2009

Lots Going On

Our Kailtyn has been walking for a month now. WOW. It is amazing how quickly she is growing. We went to see my dad this weekend. It is always good to see him. Kaitlyn is afraid of her Grandpa right now but I know she will love him very soon.

I was able to have a good talk with my step mom (I hate calling her step mom because she is definitely not the bad connotation of that phrase). She let me teach her about E.F.T. emotional freedom technique ( This is a wonderful technique that helps you deal with emotional scars in your life without drugs. It is important to me because it has help me tremendously in my life to work through a lot of emotional baggage. God has perfectly and wonderfully made our bodies to heal both physically and emotionally. I am extremely grateful. I wish I could pass this technique on to everyone. Mostly I get crazy eyed looks because it is a "natural" very granola thing to do. My S.M. even let me show her the technique and work on some things.

Getting ready for Christmas...We are putting our tree up tonight. Very late I know. it has been hard to get into the spirit at home for some reason. But I am motivated because I want there to be a tree and lights up on Christmas day for Kaitlyn. Granted she wont remember But Mike and I will and the picture will be great with all of us in our special Christmas PJs making GREAT memories. Someone told me once that it is not about all the things you do and the money spent but about the memories made. The little moments that we don't forget.

It is just going to be the three of us at the house for Christmas this year. We are actually looking forward to a quiet little Christmas at home. We are going to make a traditional dinner (a small one) and just spend the day together. Which is awesome, with Mike in school we don't get the opportunity to spend a lot of time together. It should really be a special day.

I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS.


Elle said...

So awesome that Kaitlyn is walking! Grace can walk and does on occasion, but she always reverts back to walking on her knees. So unusual, I'm told.

EFT sounds way cool! I like granola!

Hope you had the Best Christmas Ever!


Meghann said...

Hey Amy!

I've been meaning to comment back on my blog after your comment, but wasn't sure if you would get it...thus my comment here!

Thank you for your encouraging words to me. It boggles my mind to think that talking about my life on that old blog shows my faith at all! :) It really blesses me though to hear that someone enjoyed it and that it encouraged them!

I'll pray that the Lord will show your family exactly where you need to be and built. You are more than welcome to come visit us in Denton...I'd love to meet you in person! You might find you like it out here as well...

Hope your Christmas was wonderful!