Thursday, July 31, 2008

Life is Already Changing...

Really just a rant…

So I am now 28 weeks pregnant and thrilled. Mike and I are so very excited to have our Kaitlyn coming but it is a scary thing to know that you have this little life in your hands. In soooo many ways we are thinking about her first now, making sacrifices financially and in time to get things ready and put her best interests at heart. We know that God is watching over us and he knows what we need to be great parents. I never knew we could love someone so much!!

I am fearful about the birth. I keep having these thoughts about "what if I can not handle it?" Mike is so awesome, he reminds me that we are taking the Bradley classes for a reason. We are both going to learn sooo much and be able to get throughout this beautiful and scary time.

It is amazing to me just how critical some people can be at the decisions you make and then in the next turn you find someone who is very positive and supportive. I wish there were more like that around. We seriously do not need people telling us all the things that could go wrong either in birth or in our parenting. We need positive supportive people. We are lucky though the mix of people has been decently lopsided toward the positive.

Well, into the 3rd trimester we go. Mike is looking for a new job and has some positive leads. The one most important thing I think must change right now in our lives is our devotion to God. We have definitely become lax, but God always appreciates change!!!