Monday, February 23, 2009

This weekend...

We had a fabulous Marriage Retreat this weekend. The theme was "A Reel Love" and they showed some great movie clips. It was great because they spoke about Oneness in your marriage. Truly being one with each other and God. I am very convicted about becoming better for my husband. We really want to show Kaitlyn what a great marriage can be like. I am extremely grateful to my husband for being open to working on our Marriage whether or not we feel like it needs help. Any marriage can grow! I love him with all my heart!!! We are doing a lot in our lives right now and all of it reminds me of my need for God. I am grateful that God gently reminds us of our need for him. Here are some pics from the weekend

Friday, February 20, 2009

Rhodes Family 1960

We found these pictures at my Grandmothers after she passed. This is My Nanny, Aunt Sylvia and my Dad

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Olivia Grace Villareal and all the kids with Nanna

7ib 19 inches and cute as a button

Road Trip

We, went on a road trip the other day to see Mike's mom who is in the hospital. She has several things going on please pray for her to get better and have the drive to do so. We also got to meet our brand new niece Olivia. She is gerogous. Here are a few pics from the trip...

Saturday, February 7, 2009

she is sucking her thumb

Ok, we were fighting it but I think we have lost. Not sure if we should give the fight up. She started sucking her left thumb. I think she has made a decision that she prefers her thumb over the passifiers.

Anyone have an opinion on thumb sucking?

Finally, Our Birth Story

Our Birth Story

At 41 weeks 5 days, we decided to induce. After trying for 2 weeks to “get things going” and nothing progressed, our Dr. gave us a deadline of 42 weeks before he intervened. In the name of having some control over the situation we decided to induce 2 days before the deadline with Cytotec, a pill induction.

Mike and I woke up early Thursday October 30th 2008; we had breakfast and were in Denton by 6:30am. My sister Elecia arrived shortly after we did, she was there as our doula. About 2 hours later, all the paperwork was done and the admission process was complete. The nurses checked me and I was 1cm; they hooked me up to the monitors to give me an hour on them before they gave me the medication. I had actually started contracting as the monitors indicated. I was given the first pill at Cytotec at 8:30. Then we walked on a sky bridge in the hospital the distance was about 1/8th of a mile one way, and we made very good use of it; we walked at least a mile. Mike was so very good keeping me going and being there when I had a contraction. The contractions were starting but not significantly. As we were walking my Mom, Janice and sister in law, Staci arrived. Our Team was wearing “Team Slay” black shirts with pink footprints, it was so cute. At noon, we made our way back to the room and ate lunch (don’t tell the nurses). My mom was great and brought us all chicken salad sandwiches, definitely needed to keep up the energy for delivery.

I was checked at about 2pm and had only progressed to 2cm. The nurses needed me to be on a monitor for another hour before they gave me my second pill. Let me tell you what, when you are contracting those monitors are awful!!!!! After they gave me the second pill, we went and walked for a little longer, but I decided quickly that I wanted to go back to the room. The contractions were getting strong enough for me to need to concentrate on them. All the prep work really kicked in(we took Bradley Classes). I followed my deep breathing, and Mike did such a great job keeping me focused. I am glad Elecia was there too because she helped remind mike of what to do and helped me keep focused as well. Mike noticed that when I would contract I was wincing my face. When the contractions were getting really hard Elecia would touch my brow and use the term “rag doll” which I understood immediately and was able to follow this helped me focus on relaxing so my body could push Kaitlyn out. I kept going back and forth between the bathroom and on my knees on the bed. The toilet was my favorite position.

The nurses checked me at 5:00p.m., and I was 6cm. I felt like I needed to be on the toilet because it took some of the pressure off. At one point in the bathroom my sister was sitting in front of me, and I had a really hard contraction. In my pain I asked her why I had decided to do this. She repeated back all the reasons I had stated to her. I had chosen this because it was the best way for my baby and the healthiest thing for my baby. I am extremely grateful for her in that moment. I did start asking for drugs but only in the middle of a contraction so Mike an Elecia both knew I did not really want them and they were right. The best thing was the nurse in that moment told me that I had made it so far that I should keep going so I did. I wish I could remember her name. She will always be special to me. They checked me again at 6:00p.m., and I was at 8cm. I was definitely starting to feel pushy and told Elecia as much. I really wanted Dr. Cummings to be in there and started asking for him. I got in the bed. I also really wanted to be on the bed. Then Dr. C came in, and I was on the bed and kept saying “I want to go home,” over and over I kept saying it. Dr. C was funny he just said that I would want to come back really quickly if I left and smiled.

The hard contractions were coming now and it helped to moan through them so I did.
As everyone was getting set up I started saying I had to poop, and a nurse said it was the baby. I just wanted to push. I looked around and did not see my mom at that moment and asked for her, I guess even when youare about to become a mommy you still need yourru mommy. When I saw her, Mike was next to me and Elecia and Staci were there, I was ready. They told me to wait, but I didn’t. All I could do was push I couldn’t help it. I caught Dr. C by surprise; he was getting a towel ready for me to pull against and all the sudden he started seeing her head. He calmly asked for gloves and the next thing I knew they were getting a mirror. I felt a pop, and her head was out. At that point he told me I had to stop pushing because he had to get the cord unwrapped (it was wrapped twice). After that I pushed again, but Dr. C said I didn’t have to do anything anymore and I said, “Really” and he said “that’s it.” He got the cord off, and she fell right out. Now, this entire time my water never broke. From what I understand this is a blessing because it keeps little elbows and knees from jabbing you in delivery. It was 6:42pm at this moment.

I am sure there is a lot that I am forgetting, but this is what I remember most. This was one of the best experiences of my life. I am very glad we decided to have a natural birth. My husband, sister, mom and sister in-law were there and I could not have asked for a better team on my side.

Thank you everyone.