Thursday, October 23, 2008

4 Days Past Due...

So here I am 4 days "past due" I have been quite a bit frustrated because there is no escape from all the questions and comments and people even flat out laughing at me for still being pregnant. I had a Dr. appt. yesterday which was hopeful. 1 cm dilated, 50% effaced, and -2 Station. If you don' t know what all that means it means that she is truly starting her decent and getting ready to come out. YEAH! It may be several days yet but that is OK. I know she is on her way. This has been a good time to pray for surrender and patience. I know these are lessons I need to learn so why not now. Mike and Elecia have been sooo helpful and encouraging as well as the H.A.N.D. group I am in (home-birth association of north dallas) they are all very insightful and great for a vent.

I just can't wait to see her face!!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008


So, we are headed into the home strech and very excited. I do think I am now more excited than nervous. I want to do well and know I can with God's help. Mike is ready to be my fab coach and my sister is our backup. My sister in law is ready for pictures and my family is on standby. We are sooo blessed and could not ask for more.

I have been a little more than cranky but am trying to hold that at bay I know it is all apart of the hormone surge I just hate it when my DH gets the brunt of it all.

I am having a few cramps here and there but nothing productive yet, still brackston hicks I think. We are going to the State Fair tomorrow so we will see what happens. It will be fun to have a really good outing together before she comes no matter what! My DH is my best friend, I am so grateful for him. He is always positive when I need him to be and loves me through my uglyness. I am blessed to be having his child and could not imagine anyone else being her father. I never knew just how much love I could hold in my heart until I met him and now having his child.

God new what he was doing putting us together. He always knows best. Mike and I learn a lot from one another and just want to be together. I love that Rascal Flats song "bless the broken road" I always think of Mike when I hear this.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Villa Real Wedding

Mike's Sister got married a couple of weeks ago and was beautiful.. I have been needing to post all this for awhile now but am just now able to catch up....

Us & Preg Pics

Our Last shower and Preg Pics

My fab sister in law took us out to get preg pics on Saturday (being due the very next weekend I figured I wasn't going to get much bigger). I think they turned out Fabulous. Then on Sunday my family gave me a shower that was Amazing!!! Absolutely every person that was their wether blood related or not was family which made it extra special. My Aunt made us a beautiful pink blanket and my mom made a gorgeous going home outfit for Kaitlyn. It is beyond compare.

Mike and I are very humbled by this experience. We have been blessed with 4 showers, the generosity of others to help us give the best to our little one is inspiring. We have already been talking about how we can "pay if forward" so to speak and we are very determined to do so. I am grateful God not only teaches in the hard times but uses these times of great blessing to move our hearts for others.

Here are a few pics from the weekend...