Thursday, October 1, 2009

My Baby is 11 months old!!!!

Wow, the time has gone by so fast. Kaitlyn is 11 months old. Can you believe it? Our family is going through huge changes. Mike is in the police academy and our baby will be 1 year old next month so lots of plans happening there.

I am soooo proud of Mike, please pray for him to be do well and be successful. Most of all to always be the man of integrity that I know he is which will make him and even better police officer.

We also start a toddler parenting class on Sunday. I am very much looking forward to it. Whomever thought of having parenting classes is Genious!!! You don't have to do it word for word, you just have to take what is best for your family and run with it. These classes are called "Growing Kids God's Way" or "Baby Wise" They really are good!!!! We really don't know what we are doing but are given great ideas.

I am extremely grateful for the life God has given us.

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Elle said...

Thanks for all of your kind words. Things are getting so much better now :) The parenting classes sound GREAT! I know Mike will make a great police officer! Hugs!