Friday, August 22, 2008

56 Days Left!!! OMG

There is just no time left. We still have so much to do! Put up the Chair rail in the nursery, paint the nursery finish our guest room for visitors, put the crib together put all the furniture in the nursery, Can I pull my hair out!!! I just feel like I am crazy nesting right now and can not get anything done at the moment. Breathe! I know it will get done, all you really need are diapers and love right!!!

This weekend we have my nephew Austin's 1st Birthday. It is going to be an amazing day. He has had an unusual first year but he is a beautiful, walking, happy, afraid of nothing, perfect, little boy!!!! When my first nephew Ryan was born I never knew that I could love a child so intensely, it is amazing to me to see how much more full my heart is with two nephews and now a daughter on the way. With so many more children in our future (between my brother and sister in law planning a family, the two nephews on my Sisters side, 2 nephews and a baby on the way from my DH's sister and our baby coming) our lives are so full of blessings!!!!! Woah, I've never seen it all written out like that. Life keeps going doesn't it!!!

I have learned a lot over the last 7 months and I know I will keep learning more. God has been showing me my heart lately and just how much I think about myself over the other people in my life. I am working hard to change it but it is hard to change your character. Mike and I were able to serve an old friend last night who had a sever accident and almost lost his life. We were able to take them dinner and spend a couple of hours with them just enjoying their company. I have been able to have some great conversations with both family and friends lending an ear. It is amazing how it fills you up when you put yourself out there to help others. I think I am getting a lot more than I am giving.

Well, I am such a random blogger. I guess that is what it is for though, to get your thoughts out.

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